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Hizen Hamashuku

Address933 Hama-machi, Kashima, Saga-ken, Postal Code: 849-1322 (NPO Hizenhamashuku Mizutomachinaminokai Office)
ContactNPO Hizenhamashuku Mizutomachinaminokai / Phone: 0954-69-8004
Entry feeFree
Parking Available 14 standard-sized cars, 3 large-sized buses, 2 middle-sized buses (free)

It was developed as a post station on the Nagasaki Kaido road during the Edo period, and later it developed in the brewing industry, fishery, and the marine product processing industry. There are two places selected as the National Preservation District for Groups of Historic Buildings, and you can enjoy walking and viewing the townscape as well as visiting sake breweries.

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